Participation on „One Minute, One Shot 2009“ Videofestival!!!

17. – 24. May 2009

Armenian Center For Contemporary Experimental Art
(“NPAK” in Armenian acronym)

1/3 Pavstos Biuzand Blvd., Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: +3741 56.82.25, 56.83.25, 56.02.18
Fax: +3741 56.02.16

Download Catalogue (2.41 mB)

With 2 Videos:

how to clean a puddle003
how to clean a puddle

How to clean a puddle

Video, 1 min, 16:9, 2008
Jumping in a puddle will be continued to an operate and excessive final. What in childhood after a few jumps was stopped is completed here. Water, mud and the black clothing generate short sculptural images and meet in their social definition in opposition. The radical intervention into the puddle of water, the pace of jumps and soiled pants brings us back into the childhood lead.




Video, 1 min, 16:9, 2008
On a beach near the danube a bucket full of water will be positioned. The bucket will be knocked down. A splash flow over the sand and looks for a way to the water. Because of the angel of view the qualities of this process can bee seen. Extension, course, glittering, ooze away, reducing. A narrative game with our perception.


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