OK.VIDEO COMEDY – 4th Jakarta International Video Festival 2009

Participation on OK. Video COMEDY – 4th Jakarta International Video Festival


ruangrupa proudly presents:
4th Jakarta International Video Festival
28 July – 9 August 2009


with 2 Videos:

A glass of water
A glass of water

A glass of water, 2007

Video, 7’28”, 4:3, Sound

Nineteen attempts are looking for a new relationship between water and a tumbler. Irritating views and rotations are showing new sculptural qualities. Sloping waterlines, upstreaming water or funny fancoil attempts. Where is above and where is below?. How can this work?. It’s an exploration with simple tricks about an everyday seen thing.

How to clean a puddle
How to clean a puddle

How to clean a puddle, 2008

Video, 1’49”, 16:9, Sound

Jumping in a puddle will be continued to an operate and excessive final. What in childhood after a few jumps was stopped is completed here. Water, mud and the black clothing generate short sculptural images and meet in their social definition in opposition.

List of artists and videos:

Ahmad Nursalim (Indonesia) ‚Sleeping Matter‘
Aji Saka Setiyawan (Indonesia) ‚Khianat‘
Alana Hunt (Australia) ‚It’s A Human Relations Thing‘
Altogetha Collective Video (Indonesia) ‚The Comedy‘
Anat Pollack (United States) ‚Peek-A-Boo‘
Andreas Eko Sardjono (Indonesia) ‚Pesta Komedi Indonesia, Yang Menang Yang Tertawa‘
Anna Berndtson (Sweden) ‚Portable Office‘
Ari Dina Krestiawan (Indonesia) ‚Still Going Text Project‘
Asy Syams E.A (Indonesia) ‚Aksi Pendekar Supeltas‘
Barbara Smeenk (Netherlands) ‚Future Food and Food Products in the Netherlands‘
Bayu Alfian (Indonesia) ‚Kita Bicara‘
Brown Council (Australia) ’21 Bit Joke‘
Cécile Paris (France) ‚Crocodylus Ferragamo‘
Damar Ardi Atmaja (Indonesia) ‚Labirin‘
David Estes (United States) ‚Si‘
David M. Thomas (Australia) ‚I Am Quite Sure I Do Not Understand the Question‘
Eddu Enoary Eigven & Patriot Mukmin (Indonesia) ‚The Death of Pelanduk‘
Ester Nazarian (Argentina) ‚José Gregorio Nilsen Braun – Shangrila‘
Gazelle Samizay (Afghanistan/United States) ‚Nosh-E Jan (Bon Appetit)‘ & ‚This Will Be the Last‘
Gilar Di Aria (Indonesia) ‚You’re Joking‘
Gwenn-Aël Lynn (United States) ‚Winter Time Love‘
Janet Cook-Rutnik & William Stelzer (Albania/United States) ‚The Rock/Transfer‘
Jatmiko Wicaksono (Indonesia) ‚Celana-celana‘
Jessica Segall (United States) ‚I Share a Birthday with Hitler‘
Judith van Der Made (Netherlands) ‚REDTHEPLANEEET!!! Superhero DIY Instruction Guide‘
Jun’ichiro Ishii (Japan) ‚Daily Language‘
Lemeh42 (Italy) ‚Per Vare un Tavolo (How To Make A Table)‘
Leslie Supnet (Canada) ‚A Small Misunderstanding‘
Malaka Dewapriya (Sri Lanka) ‚Exchange‘
Martin Boyle (United Kingdom) ‚Auto Cannibal (Argos Scale)‘
Mores Mcwreath (United States) ‚The Bud, The Seed, The Egg‘
Morten Dysgaard (Denmark) ‚The Door of the Law‘
Nala Atmowiloto (Indonesia) ‚The First Nation on Mars‘
Paul Wiersbinski (Germany) ‚Ivo Burokvic‘
Raphaël Blum (France) ‚Tondo Stars‘
Reinaart Vanhoe (Belgium) ‚We Werken Aan De Overige 10% (We Are Working On the Rest)‘
Renée Ridgway & Joachim Stein (Netherlands/United States) ‚3 Generations of Happiness‘
Rizki Lazuardi (Indonesia) ‚Pastikan Penglihatan Anda Baik-Baik Saja‘
Roland Wegerer (Austria) ‚How to Clean a Puddle‘ & ‚One Glass of Water‘
Sandi Akbar Paputungan (Indonesia) ‚Yes I Can‘
Vincent Leong (Malaysia) ‚[TITLE]‘
Yoshi Febrianto (Indonesia) ‚Tulisanmu Puisiku‘

guest artists:
Anggun Priambodo (Indonesia) ‚Sinema Elektronik‘
Ariani Darmawan (Indonesia) ‚Still Life‘ & ‚Kung Fu Godot‘
Eddie D. (Netherlands) ‚Pas De Deux‘ & ‚Sonatina‘
Henry Foundation (Indonesia) ‚Keluarga Disko‘, ‚Video Artist‘ & ‚Love Captured‘
Ho Tzu Nyen (Singapore) ‚Reflections‘
Maulana M. Pasha (Indonesia) ‚Kontak Jodoh (Masih Gadis Atau Sudah Janda)‘
Michael Blum (Austria/Germany) ‚Charlie Marx and the Chocolate Factory‘, ‚Ciao Ghatoul‘ & ‚The Three Failures‘
Muhammad Akbar (Indonesia) ‚Telepower‘
oomleo (Indonesia) ‚Mengapa Orang Kuat‘
Roslisham Ismail (Malaysia) ‚Superfiction‘
Semiconductor (United Kingdom) ‚Earthmoves‘
Tromarama (Indonesia) ‚Bdg Art Now‘
Wimo Ambala Bayang (Indonesia) ‚Apakah Anda Pernah Membunuh Nyamuk‘ & Once Upon a Time in Indramayu‘
Yusuf Ismail (Indonesia) ‚Ketik Reg Spasi Blablabla‘

special presentation:
France Selected Video Works
Digital Heritage: Video Art in Germany from 1963 to the Present (40 Years Video Arts)


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