Katarina Zdjelar
katarina zdjelar

Katarina Zdjelar (Belgrade, 1979) is an artist based in Rotterdam. Her practice consists of making video, sound and text pieces, performances, book projects and creating different platforms for speculation, knowledge building and exchange. Her work explores notions of identity, authority and community and revolve around individuals who challenged by simultaneous inhabitation of different languages, perform themselves through practicing, remembering or reinventing themselves.



She mostly produces audiovisual works, and in addition to that, she has co-edited books (Another Publication, 2007 and Resonant Bodies Voices and Memories, 2008) and initiated projects that function as platforms for exchange of knowledge such as reading groups or an alternative language school for illegal immigrants. Most recently her exhibitions include: Towards a Future Present, LIAF(2008), The promised land, CAM, Chelsea Art Museum New York (2008); If I Cant Dance I Don’t Want to be Part of your Revolution MUHKA, Antwerp (2007).

The Perfect Sound, video piece, 14′30”, 2009
The Perfect Sound, video piece, 14′30”, 2009

(…) Zdjelar is (…) interested in the process of becoming in all its physically manifest uncertainties – in the attempts to perfect one’s performance as well as in the production of a collective out of singular voices. The choice of a Beatles song allows both for the particularity of the choir to emerge and, simultaneously, for the problematisation of this very reference to the local. With a focus largely on the intimate presence of the individuals, the work is charged with an ambiguous sense of hesitation – a reserve that may suggest inability to let go and express oneself, or unwillingness to be either individual in all its imperfections or to merge into the communal voice and feeling.
(excerpt from the text written by Taru Elfving, co-curator of LIAF 08)

53rd Bienniale Venice (Serb Pavillon)

In Unison, video piece, 5′28”, 2009
In Unison, video piece, 5′28”, 2009
But if you take my voice, what will be left to me
But if you take my voice, what will be left to me

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