Shilpa Gupta

Half a Sky

November 26 2010 – January 30 2011
Opening: November 25 2010, 8.00 p.m.

In Winter 2010 the OK „Offenes Kulturhaus“ Upper Austria presents Shilpa Gupta, one of the most important Indian artists of today, in the series of major solo exhibitions.

A cross-section of her works along with a new installation produced especially for the OK offer insights into the work of the young artist living in Mumbai. The new work „Skin Globe“ is an interactive sound installation that visitors bring to life by touching it.
Shilpa Gupta was born in 1976 in Mumbai. In her work she uses interactive video, Internet, photography, object art, sound and performance to investigate themes like consumer culture, desire, religion, security, militarism and human rights, social injustice or power politics.
In this diversity of media Gupta blurs the boundaries between art and everyday culture, raising questions about how we think and who we are. She generates an interactive relationship with her audience, as it is the viewers who first complete the works with their reactions.

The exhibition at the OK shows the following works:

Untitled, 2008
I Keep Falling At You, 2010
Threat, 2009
Surveillance Camera, 2010
Blame, 2002-04
Untitled, 2006
SHADOW 2, 2006
TV, 1999
Nearest Exit, 2009
No Border Flag, 2005
Untitled (10 meters security belt), 2009
Untitled, 2010
There is No Explosive in This – Street Series, 2007
Untitled (Heat Book), 2008
Speaking Wall, 2009-10
FLAPBOARD, 2008-09
UNTITLED, 2009, Mobile MS Gate

Shilpa Gupta on ARTE TV

visit Shilpa Guptas website!


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