das weisse haus

Yukihiro Taguchi
Duration: 13.04.–28.05.2011

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Yukihiro Taguchi – "Moment-performatives spazieren", 2008, Video, Farbe, no sound, 4:30
Yukihiro Taguchi – "Moment-performatives spazieren", 2008, Video, Farbe, no sound, 4:30


The Berlin-based artist Yukihiro Taguchi (born 1980, Osaka, Japan) has garnered much attention in recent years for his unique performative installations, which combine elements of drawing, performance, animation and installation. Taguchi’s humorous and quick-paced artworks are made using the oldest form of animation, stop motion, and while they appear to be the result of chance, they have in fact been carefully planned and are closely controlled. Just as the word “animation” has its origins in the Latin word “anima,” meaning spirit or soul Taguchi’s artistic creation appears to imbue everyday objects, such as furniture and even the foorboards in his studio, with spirits of their own.

The installations and performances of Yukihiro Taguchi are temporary interventions that change the view of familiar things and surroundings. In his exhibitions, as well as in public space, he works with the local situation and existing material. Wooden floor planks were taken from his gallery and sent on a journey through the city – where they were seen leaning against walls, on park benches or lying on the floor. In the resulting video work “moment – performatives spazieren”, the planks seem to arrange themselves to sculptures interacting with people and buildings.



“Giftplatz#3” performance in Berlin, 2007 © Yukihiro Taguchi
“Giftplatz#3” performance in Berlin, 2007 © Yukihiro Taguchi


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'Complex Circuit Vol.1'
'Complex Circuit Vol.1' Photo: Amelia Groom

Yukihiro Taguchi. 2011. Vienna in Austria at das weisse haus


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