Cuba: November – December 2011

I travelled through Cuba for 2 weeks. First stop was at the Videoart Festival in Camagüey. Nice town, but the Festival was not on an international level. The Organisationteam tries it, but there were too much political requirements.

Don’t forget: Cuba is an state of the third world.  The agriculture standard is like in the ’50s. Nearly no machines or other tools. Everything must be made by hand or with animals. Because of this fields and plantages are very small. I think nearly 70% of the land isn’t managed.  The main products of Cuba are still sugar, tabacco and coffee.

Cuba is still a military state. Everywhere you can see Military, Police or civilian spies. Videoobservation is as normal as the daily propaganda. And so it is also in Havana. Many of the housefacades are rebuilt and the center of Havana is on the UNESCO World heritage list. But outside of the center the people live in ruins. The houses are crumbling slowly. The people don’t own the houses and they don’t have the tools and the know-how to maintenance them.

I had an meeting at the embassy of Autria in Cuba. They said: If you made holiday at Cuba in Varadero, you haven’t seen Cuba at all. And that’s right!


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