Björk is not one for half measures: When she embarks on a new project, it’s guaranteed to be a fully conceived artistic statement. For more than two decades, the Icelandic pop musician has created album after album of genre-bending, globe-spanning, forward-thinking songs with oversized intentions and flair that’s distinctly her own. Björk has been similarly imaginative in other media, too; in her wild, colorful costuming and bizarre hairstyles, and in her mind-blowing music videos. There’s no one else out there quite like her.

So it’s fitting that Biophilia, Björk’s latest and most ambitious project yet, began as a collection of songs written around themes of nature, science and humanity’s relationships to both. For most artists, that’d be a lofty enough concept on its own. But Björk heavily researched astrophysics, string theory, neurology, biology and other areas where science and music meet. Her big ideas didn’t stop there. -> is a desire for a renewal in discussion and debate on Icelandic resources; a desire for bridges between different spheres of knowledge, news, composition and productive ideas on self-sustainable evolution, on cluster of start-up companies and other ways than heavy industry


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