Cittadellarte Kunsthaus Graz Opening
Cittadellarte Kunsthaus Graz Opening
Cittadellarte Kunsthaus Graz Opening

steirischer herbst

21/09 – 14/10/2012

Yesterday I visited some openings at the steirischer herbst Festival in Graz.During the festivalsaison there are many exhibitons all over the city. There is one common theme, „Truth is concrete“.

Truth is concrete

The Netherlands, Hungary, Spain, Great Britain, Greece, Tunis, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Japan… A list in progress of countries as synonyms for crises, hopes, disasters that are changing the world so fast, we can’t keep track: The rise of the populist right, financial devastations threatening the whole European project, fundamental destruction of economical, educational and cultural structures, democratic uprisings, Islamic fundamentalism, threats of technological and ecological catastrophes – where to start, where to end?

What is the role of art in this race of events that we can barely follow, let alone properly understand? At a time when theory and practice are constantly running behind reality? When art is seen rather as a mere leftist hobby than a foundation of humanity? (find more here) 

I also participated in an Performance of Christian Falsnaes at the Kunstverein Medienturm. He explained some simple Performances and made examples. The Christian invited some visitors to repeat it it front of the audience and in front of an videocamera.

Please visit Festivalsite to find more informations about this exiting Festival!


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