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What can we do? To do something is an essential human need and requirement. This publication is dedicated to the inherent versatility in these actions. ”Doing” determines our life. Ongoing activities pervade our everyday life. By multitasking we are able to run multiple parallel processes. We are doing „something“ not only in the classical sense of employment and work. We live, love and suffer under the influence of “doing something”. We are doing our household chores, we are extending our knowledge or we are just enjoying our leisure time. An alphabetical list of verbs is the central point in this paper and highlights the complexity of this little word „TO DO“. Just as varied as the ways of doing something are the contents of „TO DO“. Economic decision taking stands next to a physical and mental relaxation technique, a pioneer of photography is next to a new „collaborative company“. Thus, „TO DO“ is not a guidebook – rather, this publication is widening the topic through its selection of contributions and putting it for discussion.



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