Find some of my Photographs I have taken this summer. The technique is called INFRARED

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Photos taken in my garden. Flowers, trees,… with a rotating camera.

I made a special contruction for this 😉 – No digital effects!


A little walk in Hössgang (lower Austria). Next to the danube. Enjoy colors and forms of the autumn!


In the wake of the successful ENTARTAINER (2011) and ARTE NOAH (2012), Vienna’s avant-garde art fair PARKFAIR will present TERMINARTOR this year.   The exhibition is placed Open-Air, on the roof top of the „Äusseres Burgtor“ next to the Hofburg in Vienna. Artists have been invited to create  a text-based work for this special show. But when you walk in you can see only black posters like on my pictures i took. Only by using a night-vision camera you can watch the messages clearly. This is a very interesting concept to present artworks in combination with questions of taking photos of an exhibition, copyright, reception, perception, … 🙂

TERMINARTOR is differnt to prior shows in the series of PARKFAIR and a big step forward!


 Duration 27.09.-10.10.2014

„PARKFAIR 2014“ weiterlesen


The third episode of this series shows images from Spitz (Wachau/Austria). The Wachau is the most famous area for wine in Austria. The beginning of autuum/fall is also the beginning of  grape harvest. Today I hiked the Panoramatrail „Spitzer Graben“ and made many fotos within this theme. „FOTOSAFARI III“ weiterlesen


On Saturday I visited the opening Tour of Steirischer Herbst in Graz.

This Festival takes place from 09/29 – 10/19 2014 all over the city of Graz and outside in selected towns and villages.

This years main theme is „I PREFER NOT TO … SHARE

steirischer herbst presents and supports current artistic working methods, characteristic styles and discourses. However, presenting productions is only the most visible part of the programme. Research, processes and developments are just as much part of this festival as spectacular performances, large-scale exhibitions, space-dominating concerts of New Music, architectural research, public debates and night after night of celebration.

I visited this Exhibitions / Openings:

10.00 < rotor > Territories
11.00 Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten Dort wo unsere Sprache endet, komme ich jeden Tag vorbei
12.00 Haus der Architektur Druot, Lacaton & Vassal – Tour Bois le Prêtre
12.30 Kunsthaus Graz / musikprotokoll The Enclave
13.00 Camera Austria The Militant Image
14.30 esc medien kunst labor Ministry of Hacking
15.00 Grazer Kunstverein Ronald Jones and Elio Montanari
16.00 KM- Künstlerhaus, Halle für Kunst & Medien ordinary freaks – The Principle of Coolness in Pop Culture, Theatre and Museum
17.00 Forum Stadtpark Parallel Borders 1
18.00 Festival centre Fortress of Backyards / Forms of Distancing
19.00 Antoniuskirche / Dennis Feser Rauhnacht


Just to name two projects of a long list that impressed me most: „STEIRISCHER HERBST 2014“ weiterlesen


Little hiking trip through the Waldviertel (Lower Austria).  The trip (Panoeramarunde) started in Bad Traunstein and leads you through a typical area of the Waldviertel. Many stones, much wood, many fields, sparsely populated.