Vito Hannibal Acconci (* 24. Januar, 1940 in New York, NY, Vereinigte Staaten) lebt in der Bronx, New York und arbeitet als Architekt, Landschaftsarchitekt und Installationskünstler. In den frühen 1970ern entwickelte sich seine künstlerische Praxis in Richtung Performance und Videokunst. Ab Mitte der 1970er Jahre erweiterte Acconci seine Praktiken um den Bereich der audiovisuellen Installation und der Rauminstallation.


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Interview with Vito on „The Architect’s Newspaper“ – March 2009

vito acconci. interview with the godfather of transgression, a pioneer of performance. today his interest shifted to architecture

Acconci, a New York born and based artist, began his career in the mid-60s as a poet and co-editor (with poet and author Bernadette Mayer) of the journal 0 to 9. The journal published works by important contemporaneous artists and writers such as Robert Barry, Dan Graham, Sol Lewitt, Yvonne Rainer, and Robert Smithson.By the late 60s Acconci drifted from writing and, influenced by the readings he participated in, started exploring performance-based work, video, film, and photography. Much of this work was highly conceptual and focused on the artist’s body within space (Following, an early piece, consisted of the artist being led around New York City by strangers). Another prominent feature of this work was the element of total physicality as pronounced through his engagement with his own body, which at times was quite grotesque and bordered on violent. Perhaps his most notorious piece, Seedbed (1971), consisted of Acconci lying under a wooden ramp in Sonnabend Gallery, masturbating, while his concurrent fantasies were being broadcast through speakers in the gallery. This piece, which employed performance, language, and a direct relationship between the viewer and the artist, would establish the vein in which Acconci worked for years to come.

Some films of Vito Acconci!!$artistdetail?ACCONCIV


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